It was designed holistically, considering various aspects in order to achieve an unique light object with meaning and personality.

NUBE lights production has a Sustainability criteria.
Assembled process uses reclaimed materials for the lamp and packaging, thereby reducing the use and waste of raw materials, achieving a low environmental impact with a high visual impact.

It uses reclaimed grocery plastic bags as main material. Depending on the size, are used from 10 up to nearly 100 plastic bags.
In this way we are removing material from our environment that in many countries isn’t recycled.  The Re-Use of waste material without extra process ensures energy savings and produces no waste.
The packaging system is made from
reclaimed cardboard and plastics.

The light and atmosphere that creates the NUBE lamps is ideal for all kinds of activities that require quiet, focusing and / or relaxation, such as:
Yoga Practice,  Meditation, Writing ,  Dance Therapy, Children’s games and readings,  Pilates,  Body Massages, Reiki,  Psychology Sessions, etc.

Each lamp is the result of a careful process where manual techniques are revalued, returning back to the essence of human being.
Taking care of every detail in the preparation and assembly, where each bag is joining together one by one, thus achieving a unique texture, transforming discarded materials (no aesthetic value) in a final product of a delicate and unique beauty.

Lamps are available in different sizes, which can be adapted to different spaces and needs. From a table or desk to a living room or meeting room. Special sizes are made to order.

 Standing and table lamps
• High:
Wire:  white, 2 mts
Sizes: 125x25x25cm aprox. 
Structure: rigid
• Medium:
Wire:  white, 2 mts
Sizes: 65x25x25 cm aprox.  
Structure: rigid
• Mini-Globe:
Wire:  white, 2 mts
Sizes: diameter 26 cm aprox.  
Structure: semi-rigid detachable

• Medium:
Wire:  white, 1.50 mts
Sizes: 25x70x27cm aprox.
Structure: rigid
• Large:
Wire:  white, 1.50 mts
Sizes: diameter 80 cm aprox., height 30cm 
Structure: semi-rigid

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