martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

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We are living in a period of transition where the validity of current consumption patterns are in constant discussion and reconsideration.
Re-cycle, Re-use, Green Ttechnology, Sustainability, Clean Energy Source, are terms
and concepts that have moved from the academic field and research to everyday life. Present of humanity and not the future demand urgently the use of our divine gift: CREATION.
The creation of new or different ways to Re-entered in nature as part of all is our challenge, our GOAL

TRANSFORMA Series use reclaimed materials without aesthetic value, transforming them into raw material for lighting objects with great personality. The purpose is to reduce the use of raw materials and minimize waste of the same by creating a new object, without sacrificing aesthetics maintained.

These Lights are designed and produced in Argentina

contact: • (54.911) 4979.9872

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